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It would be great if you would add to this guestbook! My dad name was Vincenzo Castronovo ,he was born in Italy, I think in cimina, Italy.Surname-----Folino, Rosina born in 1886 in Calabria Cariolano, Alfonso born 1883 Could be spelled Coriolano Anything is more than I have now..James Cariolano Spooner, wi USA - Wednesday, December 27, 2000 at (EST) Hi!!As a little fem gay boy, I rushed home to watch "Girl Talk" where she told breath taking stories about her little dogs hidden in her purse on airplane rides. I suppose OP's point though is that other people don't recognize the names. Wow, Inger Stevens,a great actress who was just hitting her stride when she killed herself(murdered? I think she may have become a major big screen actress had she lived. (I was in high school and in the chorus) She was pleasant as I recall.Rula Lenska a british actress who did commercials in the states. She was married to James Mac Arthur for a good long while so Helen Hayes was her MIL.[quote] Joyce Boulifant. She gave us so many little slices of her life in those Camay commercials.

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