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Search the Internet for news stories about public libraries in America and chances are that, sooner or later, the phrase “on the front lines” will come up.

The war that is being referred to, and that libraries have been quietly waging since the September 11 attacks, is in defense of free speech and privacy—two concepts so fundamental to our democracy, our society, and our Constitution that one can’t help noting how rarely their importance has been mentioned during the current election cycle.

According to court documents, Patience allegedly began chatting with an undercover officer who was posing as a 13-year-old girl online on May 24 of last year. During that time, Patience or the “girl” mentioned her age nine times.

During the chats, Patience allegedly spoke of sex with her and showed interest in meeting.

I found it after a social media post by a former colleague, Mike Brothers, piqued my curiosity on a morning I was supposed to be working on another project.

Brothers, who posted a story about Chicago losing residents to St.

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I don’t have numbers to back up those teenage observations. Greene County, meanwhile, is a magnet for migrants from all over southwest Missouri. Louis than the other way around, although we’re losing residents, overall, to the area around Kansas City.

The information, which tallies migration between counties and metro areas from 2009-2013, was released a few weeks ago on the Census Bureau’s website.

In fact quite the opposite has been true: Donald Trump has encouraged the muzzling of reporters and the suppression of political protest, while arguing that government agencies aren’t doing enough spying on private citizens, especially Muslims.

Hillary Clinton has failed to be specific about what she would do to limit surveillance, while her running mate, Tim Kaine, has promised to expand “intelligence gathering.” Meanwhile, public libraries continue to be threatened by government surveillance—and even police interference.

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