Is rapper diamond dating soulja boy

Don’t be lame." Soulja Boy and Nia Riley's relationship was featured prominently on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood in 2014.According to the Jasmine Brand, Soulja Boy and Nia have been going back and forth on social media ever since she posted a meme saying that she was “halfway into another relationship. He dared to address Soulja Boy recently on Twitter, writing: “@souljaboy gon quit playin with my f-cking people @Nia Riley.They released their debut album Crime Mob later that summer.Their next charting single, "Rock Yo Hips," was released in August 2006 and was followed by a second album, Hated on Mostly, in March 2007.Rappers also had to suffer from crazy exes so below we displayed ten most common relationships from the Hip Hop world that ended very bad.Blac Chyna is a wild one and Tyga definitely knows how that feels.In November 2007, Diamond left Crime Mob to pursue a solo career.In 2010, she appeared on the remix version of "My Chick Bad", a Ludacris single, along with Trina and Eve.

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The R&B singer also banner him from seeing Future Jr.

There’s nothing more demoralizing than a female that’s stalking you because you dated in the past.

There’s ton of news reports on TV with similar cases and some of them are beyond shocking.

"Kill you bitch and n-gger, stop playing with me.” Sources seem to think Soulja Boy is directing this message at some dude named Skrill Dilly, who got into an exchange this week on Twitter with Riley.

Dilly pleaded innocent on his social media account, asking: “Who is @Nia Riley. I haven’t spoken to any media." But Riley then fired back, not admitting to any kind of romance with Skrill Dilly, but Tweeting: “You BEEN following me!

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