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Some of the messages we've presented have taken the position that Christians can apply their faith in such a way that they can still work within the system they've inherited.Other messages have stressed that Christians need to be much more counter-cultural.

We often hear complaints from readers about the confusion, hurt and sexual sin they've encountered despite their best intentions. Here are some tips for thinking about when you might start seeing someone: Ask yourself: Talk to your parents or guardians about starting to date.Staying calm shows that you're getting more mature. Healthy dating relationships start with the same things that all healthy relationships start with. Do you feel like you can’t quite keep up with your partner’s pace of life? It’s time to let go of those presuppositions and get down to the basics of what an extrovert really is. You may not know it, but beneath the façade of incompatibility lies the possibility for one of the best relationships you’ve ever had. You might already have some idea of what it means to be an extrovert. Perhaps you think them vain or overstimulated or flighty.

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